Effortless Airport to Hotel Journeys: The Ultimate Guide to Transportation Services in New York City

Black Car Service from the airport to hotel in NYC

Flying to New York is stressful enough. Making the journey to your hotel doesn’t have to be — but only if you choose the right airport to hotel transportation.

New York City doesn’t have any airports. Therefore, most people coming to the city have to make the 45-minute trip from LaGuardia Airport (LGA) and John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) or the 55-minute trip from Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) (which isn’t in New York!) to their hotels.

The travel time estimates are for trips to the city center. So, your drive could be longer if you’re going further inland. Throw in the near-guaranteed traffic delays, and you have at least a 60-minute trip to navigate.

For such a long trip, you need reliable transportation. We’ll go over the options in this post.

The Various Options for Airport to Hotel Transportation in New York City

Your options for airport to hotel transportation in New York City include the following.


The iconic yellow taxis are the most widely used airport to hotel transportation option in the city. You can find them at designated taxi stands within the three major airports. They are a good choice when you’re only interested in transportation and nothing more.

However, they are less attractive when traveling in a small group or when your luggage requires you to book a second taxi.

A quick tip if you elect to use taxis is to always head to the taxi queue. Don’t respond to supposed taxi owners who walk up to you outside the queue. Additionally, always confirm that the taxi driver is using the meter.

Rideshare Services

The biggest rideshare services, Uber and Lyft, have a strong presence at all three major airports in New York. They are another good option for airport to hotel transportation if you don’t mind spending a few minutes figuring out a pickup spot and waiting for the driver.

Some people choose rideshare services because they are typically cheaper than taxis, and you can choose a larger vehicle if necessary. However, surge pricing can add a significant chunk to the normal rates during peak hours.

Private Car Service

Private airport transfer services are the most convenient option for airport to hotel transportation, especially for a long trip such as this one.

With the best airport transfer companies, you can book your trip upfront. When you arrive at the airport, you’ll have a driver waiting to take you to New York City.

The personalized experience on offer is also hard to ignore. You can choose the type of vehicle you want based on your needs. You may also enjoy Wi-Fi and complimentary refreshments to make the journey more bearable.

Do you want to experience luxury transfers? The best companies also offer luxury SUVs, limousines, and more, complete with a chauffeur service.

So, whether you’re in New York City for a romantic getaway or looking for comfortable airport to hotel transportation for executives on business travel, you can find the ideal vehicle.

Public Transportation

Public transportation into New York City from the three major airports is robust. First, airport shuttle services run around the clock, picking passengers up from the airports and dropping them off at different airports across New York City. However, these shuttles operate on fixed routes.

If you’re comfortable with navigating the bus or subway system, you have some options. For LaGuardia Airport, MTA buses are the best airport to hotel transportation option. For JFK, the best route is through the AirTrain JFK to the subway system.

Hotel Bus

Some hotels in New York City have buses for airport transfers at the various airports. You should confirm with your hotel if they have this option during your booking. If they do, it’s a cost-effective solution. However, there’s no privacy as with private transfers.

Book Your Airport to Hotel Transportation With Relier

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We make the travel time from the airport to the city a truly memorable one. Call Relier today at (844) 735-4371 to discuss your airport to hotel transportation when you’re due in New York City.

We are also happy to share more airport travel tips with you.

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