5 Helpful Airport Travel Tips for a Stress-Free Experience

Getting to and from the airport on time can feel like a hassle. Traffic delays and long lines at the security checkpoint are sure to cause headaches during your next business trip or family vacation. You can reduce stress by considering five essential airport travel tips. 

Relier is proud to provide airport pick and drop services for customers like you. These veteran chauffeurs list several ways to get the most out of your next travel experience.

Top 5 Airport Travel Tips

If you travel for work, missing a flight could lead to disastrous consequences. A missed flight could also cause you to lose precious vacation time with your family during the holidays. Avoid these problems by planning ahead and staying vigilant while at the airport.

Below are a few things to consider before your next flight.

1. Plan Your Trip Early

Planning well ahead of time will help you cover all your travel bases before leaving your home. Start by researching reliable airline companies and reserve a seat online. Purchasing a digital ticket helps you avoid long lines at the information counter and is an eco-friendly alternative to paper passes.

You should also spend time researching the terminal layout of the airport you will arrive at when planning an international flight. This way, you won’t struggle to find your connecting flight gate once you land.

Choose an airline that suits your budget by reviewing ticket prices, onboard amenities, and customer reviews. If you already have airline membership points or frequent flier miles, make sure to apply them before checking out. Waiting to get reimbursements at the airport can put you behind schedule.

2. Find a Reliable Driver

Many people call taxis and rideshares, like Uber or Lyft, to get to the airport. This strategy may seem like a practical way to avoid paying for expensive airport garage fees — but it is actually risky. Rideshares may not always be available in your area and could take over 30 minutes or longer to arrive.

In contrast, luxury car service will be available whenever you need it — day or night. These modern airport transfer solutions provide comfortable onboard amenities that allow you to relax before a long flight. Examples include surround-sound stereos, plush seating, and Wi-Fi access.

A professional chauffeur will get you to your location quickly, without sacrificing your safety. They will pre-plan your route to avoid lengthy stops on the highway and monitor the weather to avoid dangerous road conditions.

3. Leave Two Hours Before the Flight

Some airport travel tips make sense, even if you are a new flier. For example, it’s a good rule of thumb to leave your home at least two hours before your scheduled take-off. This strategy ensures that you have plenty of time to check your bags, complete the security screening, and find the correct terminal.

Still, it may be wise to leave even earlier if you plan a flight during a holiday or major sporting event. Airport lines can grow to hundreds of people in some locations. You don’t want to get caught up in line when your flight is preparing for take-off.

Remember to do most of your planning online, so you have less to worry about when you arrive at the airport.

4. Pack Food and Drinks

Packing a healthy snack can be a great way to avoid expensive and unsavory airport food. However, most airlines have strict packaging restrictions, so do your research before boarding.

For example, some airlines will not allow you to board with bottled water or gel foods due to security concerns.

Eating a healthy snack before your flight may keep your energy up and make it easy to focus on the environment around you.

5. Watch Your Flight

Severe weather and other emergencies may cause travel delays or cancellations. You should keep an eye on terminal monitors to stay updated with the status of your flight. Many airlines offer online flight tracking tools — letting you see your plane’s progress in real time.

Don’t forget to pack a tablet, book, or smartphone to pass the time while you wait.

Simplify Your Airport Transfer With Relier

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